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Credibility of  Pastor Tim

Rev. Sergey Timokhin was fully recognized and ordained in USA as a Minister in Christ Church, Nashville, TN on October 20, 1991.

Prior to USA ordination he was converted to Christ in 1979 in Leningrad, in Soviet Russia. He started minister in the streets of Leningrad, USSR with his guitar, in underground concert halls of hippies, in disco bars. He made a first Christian rock-music recording in Russia and his band became a became a legend.

After 12 years of his nation-wide ministry, including 10 years of persecution with

2-year KGB imprisonment Pastor Tim “gave birth” to a mega-church in 1989.

Just in a year his church turned from 3 to 1000 people in attendance. Many famous American ministers preached in his church. Later, they invited Pastor Tim to preach in USA, Europe, Australia and around the world.

He led Bible Schools, Leadership schools, TV, Radio and prison ministries. In 1991 he was invited to USA for sacramental rite of ordination. Tim was one of the key leaders of March For Jesus.

Pastor Tim (rev. sergey timokhin) endorsed by many well-known people, who know him for many years, ones like Charlie Daniels, Billy Joe, Paul Crouch, Ricky Skaggs, Zig Zilglar, Dr. Henry Yeats, Pastor Kim Harrington, Dwight Marable, etc.

In 14 years of his international ministry He got his second ordination in Sydney, Australia of International Ministry of Christian City Church (C3i).

Pastor Tim Timothy is a ministry name. God changed his name from Sergey Timokhin in 2010. Tim runs the world biggest web-site of Jesus teaching (Seminary) online in Russian language with thousands of visitors, including about 5000 hours of Tim’s audio, video, text lessons. Most of Tim’s 33 years of ministry experience with the Lord was recorded and organized into study materials. In 2012 Tim has come to USA to start New American Church to lift up Jesus in USA.

He married with 3 children, the ministers of God.

Christian City church have recognized Pastor Sergei Timokhin in Australia where he came to share Jesus


Ricky Skaggs sang in Tim’s church in Russia.

Tim shared Jesus in Ricky’s home group

Peter Wagner endorsed Tim for Apostolic summit in Russia:

Pastor Tim was invited to speak in Lakewood Church

PBR Pastor Todd Pierce  invited Tim to share Jesus with professional bull-riders in Vegas, Memphis, Nashville

Rev. Sergei Timokhin (Tim) witnessed Jesus in Australia, USA, England, Finland, Sweden, France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel.

He leads Ministry in Pakistan, Russia, America

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