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Pastor Tim speaks fluent English and have a special love for America. He started

“New American Church” (NAC) in Nashville, TN www.NewAmericanChurch.com

Pastor Tim needs more places for sharing witness of Jesus, call 615-7190199

more info in English:  www.timokin.org      www.english.cowboychurchrussia.com

Charlie Daniels is speaking:

who speak about Tim:


This show was performed by Pastor Tim & Praise Band in their church (Christ Church Russia) in 1997 as a”Tribute to Charlie Daniels’.

All Russians on stage played and sang together with a soundtrack of Charlie Daniels.

CD gave Pastor Tim a recording machine to Russia. First Russian worship albums were recorded on CD machine.

Rev. Sergey Timokhin (Tim) and CD met on October 20, 1991 on Pastor’s Tim ordination day in Christ Church Nashville.

In 2011 National Day of Prayer. Charlie Daniels and Pastor Tim were invited in City Hall in Lebanon, Tn by organizers.

Ricky Skaggs sang in Tim’s church in Russia.

Tim shared Jesus in Ricky’s home group

Peter Wagner endorsed Tim for Apostolic summit in Russia:

Pastor Tim was invited to speak in Lakewood Church

PBR Pastor Todd Pierce  invited Tim to share Jesus with professional bull-riders in Vegas, Memphis, Nashville

Rev. Sergei Timokhin (Tim) witnessed Jesus in Australia, USA, England, Finland, Sweden, France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel.

He leads Ministry in Pakistan, Russia, America

  TESTIMONY of TIMhttp://livepage.apple.com/testimony.htmltestimony.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0shapeimage_23_link_1
CBN about TiM:http://www.cbn.com/entertainment/screen/ANS_Passion_russia2.aspxhttp://www.cbn.com/entertainment/screen/ANS_Passion_russia2.aspxshapeimage_27_link_0