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Ricky Skaggs sang in Tim’s church in Russia.

Tim shared Jesus in Ricky’s home group

Peter Wagner endorsed Tim for Apostolic summit in Russia:

Pastor Tim was invited to speak in Lakewood Church

PBR Pastor Todd Pierce  invited Tim to share Jesus with professional bull-riders in Vegas, Memphis, Nashville

Rev. Sergei Timokhin (Tim) witnessed Jesus in Australia, USA, England, Finland, Sweden, France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel.

He leads Ministry in Pakistan, Russia, America

  TESTIMONY of TIMhttp://livepage.apple.com/testimony.htmltestimony.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0shapeimage_23_link_1
CBN about TiM:http://www.cbn.com/entertainment/screen/ANS_Passion_russia2.aspxhttp://www.cbn.com/entertainment/screen/ANS_Passion_russia2.aspxshapeimage_27_link_0

Tim was sentenced to life in prison in 1984, without the possibility of parole, and could be found in Russia's “KGB” secret prison, where he remained in his tiny cell 23 hours a day, then in Siberian-type labor camp. KGB have described Tim's activities as  “the most dangerous youth ideological attack in Soviet history”. Why?  

He lifted up nation-wide the Name of Jesus in the heart of Secular Atheistic Citadel, Leningrad. In fact, Soviet National TV channel did broadcast his 5-days public trail court. BBC and Voice of America broadcasted about Tim's persecution  the free world. Eventually, the spread of “The Trumpet Call” rock&roll album around 11 time zone of Russia made Tim and his bandmate a '#1 underground rock band in the country’. Millions of people got the Gospel this way behind the Iron Curtain. Cassette tapes were self-copied all way possible by thousands. Most popular music and news radio-stations aired the album, while he was in his prison cell.

The ministry of Pastor Sergey Timokin “TiM” was originated in a hardship of Russian Atheistic Empire in 1979. Soon, Tim was arrested. He was called a “public enemy”, a “CIA spy”, a “traitor” by Russian Soviet Government. The only “guilt” of Tim was a “preaching Jesus and supporting Christian America...”.  After 33 years, he’s still doing it.

Pastor Tim (Rev. Sergey Timokhin)

St. Petersburg, Russia 2012

The first thing Gorbachev did for freedom in Russia when he came to power he liberated Pastor Tim out of KGB prison, where they intended to keep Tim the lifetime term. It was Margaret Thatcher&Gorbachev’s paperwork to let Tim go to the West in 1986. But God told TIm to stay in USSR to continue preaching the Word of God for Russian people.                 Mr. Gorbachev met Tim in person and shook his hand. Tim has started a Christ Church in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), the first mega-church in Russia. He also started March For Jesus and TBN in St. Petersburg, Russia. It reaches millions of people for Christ.

Tim is a witness of Christ. He saw Jesus several times. First, when he was beaten to death in the street in Leningrad. Persecutors left him to die in the grave they dug. Jesus saved him out of the grave and brought home. Tim became a preacher in Russia since 1979. Second time, Jesus came to him recently and said, go and preach to America.

In 2012 he moved in Nashville, TN where Jesus assigned him to live. His church prays in Russia for Pastor's missionary work in America. He travels all across USA to preach the Word of God and minister in the Holy Spirit. He is starting a church where he lives in Music City area.

    Nashville Radio Show

Pastor Tim speaks fluent English and have a special love for America. He started

“New American Church” (NAC) in Nashville, TN www.NewAmericanChurch.com

Pastor Tim needs more places for sharing witness of Jesus, call 615-7190199

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“Brother Andrew and Open Doors”, “Amnesty International”, "Keston College" tried to make Tim’s case known to the world. People prayed. Ministers, statesmen, rock stars raised up their voices for Russian faith-prisoners. Eric Clapton’s bass player David Markee recorded his own  version of  "The Trumpet Call" in UK. Scott Wesley Brown “I CARE Ministry”  has published LPs in USA. Finally,  British “Jubilee Campaign” got Margaret Thatcher and Michael Gorbachev’s agreement to liberate Tim and his bandmate out of the prison.  The Word of God has prevailed! Tim preaches again. Before, it was only in Russia. Now, all around the world.

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