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Pastor Tim says: “I am a Russian minister in USA. I minister to American people more than 20 years, covered 1 mln road miles. All I can say... I see the “bona fide” need of Americans to know the truth about their own country - why this special country was born in the heart of God, why most Americans are believers in Christ, why the evil world hates USA, a "world policeman", why Indians were killed, why American atom bomb stopped WW2, why American soldiers were in Vietnam and Iraq, why Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea, and other 150 countries ask American troops to stay in their countries, why Russia hates America more that any country in the world and loves Iran&HAMAS, why 75% of missionaries around the globe are Americans.... why modern America produces Super Power System that conquered the world without a war, why 1,000,000 immigrants from all nations come to live in delightful USA annually.... The answer is simple - America is designed by God that is written in the Bible. If you cannot find America in the Bible, you miss a major worldview picture of God. THAT IS A REAL PROBLEM, NOT JUST FOR AMERICA BUT FOR THE WOLRD!

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          80% of the world hates America. Take a look what some Russian-Jew thinks the

          world will be without America:

Look, my study of Israel-America fate’s interdependency let me think that both nations are special people under God, the one is under Moses God, other  one is under Christ God.

They have “God provided” territory, people, angels and mission.

  1. 1.Israel is a bible-based country and historically legitimate. God’s people stand for her in spite of 80%  of world nations hate Zion.

  2. 2. The same 80% of the world hates USA. America is a modern head Nation of Christians, it’s a fact, like or not. The providence of God for American territory and the Godly Foundation of the Nation is legitimate, too. It does not matter if some USA Charter and Bylaws (Constitution) signers was a Deist, Jews, Agnostics, Catholics/Christians. It is a Bible Creator idea in US-Constitution. They all agreed. Christians were a majority of signers. According to the Corporate America law  the 2/3 is a majority in Bylaws deal. Christians still are a majority of America.

Many knows about Israel’s exception destiny. The only earthly nation God made a covenant with, the Mosaic Covenant.

Plus, there is a heaven (a new) covenant. It was made with THE Christian Nation that had to be born after Christ’s Name (global Christian Nation) as promised from the beginning (“not My people I will  call My people”). Where this nation have to be localized and centralized, there is Christian Nation territory. No question, it’s America. She was predestined to contain the headquarters of the Body of Christ of the last days. Providential water division was made in the days of Peleg (Gn 10:25) “the earth was divided”.

Holy Spirit moves water (Gn 1:2). American Continent drifted away to be ready to give birth to the Country for Christians. The same Holy Spirit moved Puritans from Europe to follow the plan of God to develop a Super Power toward the Second Coming of Christ. He did not want a Kingdom of a Religion, He wanted a Corporation.

If America will forget God and, as any other nation of the world, will follow democratic “no-God’s rule” ideal, with no Judea-Christian Law biblical principals, world will hate America even more.

Only “Christian friendly” government can return the respect to America. We can not spread the Gospel if nations hate us.

In Democracy, people judge the nation by her government. There is well known international wisdom:  “people get the government they deserve".  Tim

Ricky Skaggs sang in Tim’s church in Russia.

Tim shared Jesus in Ricky’s home group

Peter Wagner endorsed Tim for Apostolic summit in Russia:

Pastor Tim was invited to speak in Lakewood Church

PBR Pastor Todd Pierce  invited Tim to share Jesus with professional bull-riders in Vegas, Memphis, Nashville

Rev. Sergei Timokhin (Tim) witnessed Jesus in Australia, USA, England, Finland, Sweden, France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel.

He leads Ministry in Pakistan, Russia, America

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Tim’s Ministry in USA is all about majoring God’s America. Devil wants to minimize America and Israel. Though, Israel is being maximized by Christians. But people have to know the prophetic Bible truth about America also!

Since recently, Pastor Tim is lifting up Jesus in USA full time. He believes there is a plan of God for America to be a Citadel of the Holy Spirit. He teaches that the last massive earth revival will come to the world through USA as God’s masterpiece, the only nation of the world that has National Evangelical Culture and majority of the world Evangelical churches.                                          (video of the ministry)