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“...what I can say about me? It’s all about Him!...”

I became a Christian in atheistic KGB soviet regime of Russia in 1979. Just before that, I was falling in love with rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar in 70s. USSR was a totally closed for any Bible idea. In spite of that, millions of youth in Russia as around the World loved Western and Rock music. In my 20s I loved it too much, and I played rock’n’roll (still do it for Jesus only!) Short wave radio “BBC” brought this music to my radio receiver, secretly covered in the closet since everything from the West was prohibited - no Bibles or anything good about freedom, ...just Evil Iron Curtain around dead Marxs&Lenin's doctrines. All my 20 years I never heard Jesus name or His story. All people lived without information in Soviet Russia.

           Jesus Christ Superstar, the stones have cried out!

I did not know English enough but I just heard Jesus' Name repeatedly in the rock-opera. I tried to check it out. I asked my folks but no one really could tell me about Jesus. Russians do not know a lot of Him. No one read a bible or owned it. But in the rock-opera it was a Jesus story! And I wanted to know the original Jesus story! He claimed to be God! Wow!

                                                     I was attacked by Russian Mafia

Just before I was ready to give my life to Jesus, I was almost killed. It happened because I wore American jeans, looking for American freedom. Jeans were illegal goods, too. Only smugglers used to bring jeans from the West. Mafia did not like such a person. They decided to kill me. I needed God for life physically! Praise God, He saved me from death that night out of mafia’s killing.

I was rescued in a miracle. I was beaten to death and they tried to put me down to the ground as a dead person. Bad guys covered my lifeless body with snow, they covered my grave with the fallen leaves. They left me to die.

3 am. Someone found me and brought my unconscious blooded body to my mother's place.

She prayed to the "Unknown God" that evening. She was amazed how the strange driver who brought me home knew her name and home address. I was unconscious.

Even doctors was shocked that I still alive in that grave. Investigator said, the wounds meant murdering, my eyes and brain were smashed.

I was few months in Hospital. I needed God physically, mentally. I needed God to save me out of my sin, which covered me fully. I needed God to bring my mind back together to know Him intellectually and spiritually. And He showed up!  I remembered Jesus Christ Supertstar. I said, God I want to know if Jesus is Lord. Is Jesus for real? Show me Your way, please. And God revealed Himself in my life.

                                Original story of Jesus. My prison years.

After Hospital I met a guy who played rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar with his guitar, he was a born-again Christian, had the New Testament, told me original story of Jesus, led me to the Lord and to the Christian church to be baptized.

One morning Jesus came to me in a great light. I was lifted up to the ceiling level with unspeakable feeling of joy and holiness. God gave me a ministry to glorify Him.

Our band The Trumpet Call invented a Christian rock in USSR to tell Russians about  Jesus. It became very popular. KGB arrested us because we sang about Jesus. Trumpet Call Band became a legend in the Nation as the first Russian Christian rock-band, back in early 80s. Voice of America, BBC and many other radio stations broadcasted our songs few years when we were locked up in prison for being rock-preachers.

When M. Gorbachev came to Power he liberated us. I met him in person, touched his hand and prayed for him. He agreed to promote "March for Jesus" which I led in those years of 2000.

With M. Gorbachev together we made National Symposium On Faith, right after 9/11/2001

                              Rumors led to more popularity of the Ministry

In any city I go in Russia to preach, there are people who testify they were saved because the very first time they heard Jesus story via our rock-band The Trumpet Call on a radio. Plus, in late 80s, National TV along with KGB film-makers made a film about The Trumpet Call, they fabricated the case and blame me to be a public enemy, American (CIA) agent.

Millions of copies of soviets magazines and newspapers were spread with this lie.

But all of these rumors led to more popularity of us! This film was shown several times to 280 mln Russian people, on prime TV time!! Historians estimates that millions of people in Russia heard the Trumpet Call in late 80-s.

God prepared the time to breakthrough in Russia in 90s to buried USSR atheistic evil power.

                                                 Church and Pastor

After my liberation I do the work of God again. God called me to start a church. It was one of the first mega church in Russia in 90s. Few thousands signed up for church membership. We rent a church hall for 1000 seats and crusade halls for several thousands, including biggest stadiums. More that 10 000 people got salvation just in our church altar on Sundays. Many churches came out of us and our Bible Schools during these 20 years of the Christ Church. Daily I preached in Russian radio and launched TBN.

Today God uses me in Russia, America, Pakistan and throughout the world to glorify His name. Praise God!

Rev. Sergei Timokin (Pastor Tim)

St. Petersburg, Russia


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